Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Veronica Safranski: Missing Since October 27, 1996

Veronica Safranski was last seen leaving a Halloween party in Warren, Marshall County, MN on October 26th, 1996. The victim was wearing an American Indian costume at the time of her disappearance. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Kevin Jay Ayotte: Missing Since September 30th, 1982

Kevin Ayotte was last seen as he played in his family’s summer home on September 30th 1982. He was last known to be upstairs at approximately 4:45 pm. His mother went outside briefly and when she returned, Kevin and his 6-month old Springer Spaniel puppy named Flash were gone. His older brother was still in the home.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Victoria Jane Owczynsky: Missing Since August 26, 1990

Owczynsky was last seen at approximately 13:00 at her residence in the vicinity of the 1800 block of University Avenue NE in Minneapolis, MN. Vicky had been living with a girlfriend in northeast Minneapolis when she disappeared. She had moved to the house, four blocks from her mother's, about a month earlier. When she woke up on August 26, other members of the bustling household were filing out to church. At 09:45, Vicky called her mother and said she'd stop by about noon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

April Nicole Geyer & Roseanna Marie Forcum: Missing Since August 17, 1998

On August 12 of 1998, 15 year-old Roseanna "Rosie" Marie Forcum was at home in her father's apartment in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Her mother had moved away to Texas in 1997, and her father was a single parent trying to raise her and her younger sister. Rosie's father had asked her to do the dishes, and she refused. She left her family's apartment with her close friend, 21 year-old April Nicole Geyer. From there, April and Rosie were last known to be leaving April's residence in Milaca, Minnesota on August 14, 1998. Both the girls had a history of disappearing together, sometimes for days, without giving a warning. Both girls would always call their families to let them know they were safe every time, but in August of 1998; both girls were never heard from or seen again. 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

JoJo Boswell: Missing Since July 11, 2005

Boswell was last seen in Owatonna, Minnesota between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. on July 11, 2005, after she was released from the Steele County Jail. She was last seen walking in front of Mills Fleet Farm, off Interstate 35. An unidentified individual walked up to her and they started talking, then they walked away together. She has never been heard from again.