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Jermaine Hunter: Missing Since April 6th, 2012

30-year-old Jermaine Hunter wasn't the type of person who would go a long time without talking with his family — rather he would talk with his siblings every day. So when Jermaine suddenly went radio silent in April 2012, his sister Shekitha Hunter immediately knew something was terribly wrong: “You know, my brother was the type of person who called you every day. If he called you at 2, he would call you back at 5 to make sure you were OK. He was the type of brother who called you to let you know he was all right. So I just can’t understand how he just disappeared off the face of the Earth."Unfortunately, we know next to nothing about Jermaine, his life, personality, and his relationships — but we do know what happened after he vanished without a trace one Saturday afternoon.

As day after day passed without Shekitha hearing from his brother, she grew increasingly concerned about Jermaine's well-being. On April 26, Shekitha, who lived in a different state, decided to contact the authorities to perform a welfare check to make sure her brother was okay. It was then that Jermaine's family learned nobody had seen him or heard from him for three weeks.

At the time, Jermaine lived with his girlfriend, Annette Greer, and her brother, Aaron Ross in Forest Lake, Minnesota. But when Annette was interviewed about the events leading up to her long-time boyfriend's disappearance, she told the authorities she had actually broken up with Jermaine. It had been that very same day that the 39-year-old had allegedly walked out the door never to be seen again.

Annette, who had been together with Jermaine for over 12 years, claimed he didn't know her boyfriend's friends or had any idea whatsoever where he could have gone — something just didn't add up. A few days later, the police made a discovery that made the situation even stranger.

A backpack containing Jermaine Hunter's documents was found in a trash bin in Lino Lakes, Minnesota — about 14 miles from his home. Annette later admitted to the police she was the one who dumped the back bag there, claiming she was for reasons unknown concerned about identity theft. Annette explained she had dropped off her brother at Lino Lakes, which is why the back bag ended up so far away from Forest Lake. But when investigators attempted to contact Aaron, they were unable to reach him. However, the police were able to speak with Aaron's ex-girlfriend, who revealed some worrying details about the events leading up to Jermaine's disappearance.

Shortly before Jermaine allegedly walked out the door and vanished, Aaron had made severe accusations against him, saying the 39-year-old sexually assaulted his young daughter. After being confronted, Jermaine left the house and never returned. Aaron's sister, however, had a different theory. She told the authorities she believed her brother "killed Jermaine during or shortly after confronting him regarding the sexual assaults." While the investigation failed to find any evidence to support the claims of both the sexual assault and Jermaine being killed inside the Forrest Lake home, the police now classified the 39-year-old's disappearance as "suspicious".

Since then, very little progress has been made in Jermaine Hunter's case. There have been no sightings of him alive, nor has his body been found. Both Annette Greer and Aaron Ross have stayed quiet about the details of the day Jermaine vanished. While Jermaine's family still hopes he will return home safe and sound, Shekitha says she accepts that her brother is likely dead — the family just needs closure, one way or another. Shekitha described the painful situation to Pioneer Press, saying:

"I want somebody to come forward and tell us something. We’re still at a standstill. We don’t know whether to mourn his death or to just let him be out there on the street. We don’t have closure. Even if they could tell us where the body is, so he can have some sort of burial."

If you have any information related to Jermaine's disappearance, please contact the Forest Lake Police Department at 651-209-9933.

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